Mono-Material Solid-Timber Construction Associated Project - AP 15

Mono-Material Solid-Timber Construction

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Wood is a versatile, easily machinable construction material and, due to its relatively good thermal insulation properties, can also be used as a building envelope, if processed appropriately. This means wood has the potential to offer weather protection, thermal insulation, and load-bearing capacity from a single building material. The concentration of all these functions in a single element type allows extraneous work processes to be reduced to a minimum. The complexity and multi-parameter performance of the wood component allows for simple solutions in the surrounding processing steps and thus reduces the overall effort required for the fabrication and construction of the buildings. These properties are now to be expanded in an optimized system for multi-story residential and office buildings. Through the further development of the timber profile and the adaptation of the milling process for integration into standard wood processing equipment on an industrial scale, both the production efficiency and building physics performance of the building component should be improved. 

Further information at IntCDC.
On the Status of the Project Mono-Material Solid-Timber Construction (AP15) in March 2022 – Workshop Report.

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