News and Events

Symposium: Hybrid Flax Pavilion & Wangen Tower, 06/14/2024

L’ignite – Timber Construction Regular´s Table Stuttgart 05/16/2024

Opening of the Wangen State Garden Show

L’ignite – Timber Construction Regulars' Table Stuttgart 04/11/2024

Richtfest Ceremony of Wangen Tower and Hybrid Flax Pavilion

Ground-breaking ceremony for two sustainable buildings

Event Calendar

L’ignite – Timber Construction Regulars' Table Stuttgart 11/08/2023

L’ignite – Timber Construction Regulars' Table Stuttgart 07/27/2023

Inter-institute knowledge exchange in timber construction

Hackathon – Hardwood and process optimization of regional value chains in timber construction

Network Meeting 03/10/2023 – Presentation of the New Demonstrator Building

Network Meeting 11/25/2022 – Rethinking BIM

Network Meeting 10/27/2022 – Stability, Joints, Sound Insulation

Stuttgart Week of Advancing Architecture, Engineering & Construction October 10 – 14, 2022

POL-AI Prototyp Presentation

Timber Construction presents itself as a Future Technology at the Stallwächterparty in Berlin

Closing Ceremony of the First IntCDC Research Networking Period 06/27/2022

Specialist Congress at Lake Constance June 21 – 22, 2022

Constructive Conversations 05/19/2022 – Parametric Building Platforms and DfMA for the Productization of Mass Timber Buildings

Timber Plausch – Interview with Oliver Bucklin

Timber Construction makes happy

Network Meeting 05/13/2022 – Automated Architectural Design and Robotic Timber Construction Manufacturing

Review on the Workshop Tree to Product

Workshop 4/8/2022 – Tree to Product

Workshop Report – On the Status of the Project Mono-Material Solid-Timber Construction (AP15) in March 2022

Timber Plausch – Interview with Laura Kiesewetter und Dylan Wood

Constructive Conversations 02/14/2022 – Architecture and Orchids: Agency in Spatial Techtonics

Network Meeting 01/28/2022 – Living and Design Concepts of Timber Buildings

Network Meeting 11/26/2021 – Digitality in Structural Design

Network Meeting 09/28/2021 – Robotic Manufacturing of Wooden Houses at WeberHaus